Welcome to Ring 2

In this area you will find many tools to help you continue on your journey.  Most of the links on this page will open in a new window, so you don’t have to keep logging in again (just make sure to keep this window open).  All of the information here has been carefully curated for where you are in your journey right now.  As you move along the path you will be given access to other Rings.  One Ring is not better than the other, it is simply a method for organizing the information.

Please do not share the codes for any of the Rings with anyone else.  This information is provided to assist you, and based on our work together.  I know where you are on your path, and what would be most appropriate for you.  Thank you! As we move through the rings, you will find repeating patterns & topics, each building on the other.  Sometimes it might seem circuitous, but they are all deepening and expanding your overall awareness of this information.  Some of the information may leave you with more questions than answers – and that is perfect.  This will allow you to take the information you learn here out into your daily life, and look for patterns, metaphors, and resonance – which will then lead you to your own answers.  Yeah!

Journal Prompts for Exploring Duality, Raising Your Vibration, and Exploring Your Energetic Signature

These are journal prompts for you to explore in your magical notebook.  Spend some time each day contemplating the prompts before and after you write your answers in your journal.  If you’re going through your day, and suddenly have an insight from thinking about these questions, write it down!  Be sure to record any questions or “aha” moments so we can go over them during our next session (be sure to remind me!). Download the journal prompts here.

Understanding the Nature of Duality in Energy

In Ring 2, we experience awareness of the other (other people, other situations, anything outside of ourselves).   Understanding energies outside of ourselves helps us to understand the fractal and holographic nature of these same energies within ourselves.  Think of it not only in terms of masculine & feminine, but also in terms of duality, polarization, yin & yang.  To help us do this, our friends over at Spirit Science have put together this video:
You can also check out this post I wrote a while back on A Union of Opposites.

The Second and Third Chakras

To hep us learn about the chakras and how to use the swirling vortices to our advantage, we move into a deeper understanding of the second and third chakras.  Again, our friends at Spirit Science have an awesome video on this:
For another overview of all of the chakras, here is an excellent article by Deepak Chopra.  

The Four Elements

Moving from 2 to 4, we come to the Four Elements.  These seeminly simple attributes of nature actually hold a lot of multidimensional information, and are often symbols for many other things.  The better you understand these basic elements, the more comprehensive your understanding of the metaphorical nature of the world will be. 

The Template:  The Ceremony of Original Innocence

I love love love this video ceremony by The Template.  This video will initiate you into some serious deprogramming using the gift of forgiveness.  The Template is a group of lightworkers who are doing some amazing things to facilitate the awakening and healing of human consciousness.  This is the first of eight ceremonies.
“As you embark upon the first Foundation Ceremony, you are entering upon a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm. To choose this path is to embrace the Human as a magnificent masterpiece of immortal design, capable of transcending the limitations of duality and able to access any time or energy level in the universe.”   – The Template

The Template ceremonies are a visual and audible encoded convergence of sound and geometry.  When combined with the revelations of Humanity’s origins and history, this ceremony initiates a powerful and transformative journey into the past where we find forgiveness and peace.  Releasing our past gives us the ability to be courageously conscious and grounded in the present, and gives us an understanding of the future, which we are collectively co-creating through the resurrection of the light body.


These meditations will help you anchor and expand your energy field, allowing you to channel more and more energy, while remaining comfortable with the expanded awareness.  They are may seem simple, but when practiced often, and especially when they become a consistent, integrated part of your life, allow you to expand your perceptions of how you understand the way life works – and what you think is possible.  #winning 😉

The Four Corners of Your Breath

by Rachael Webb | www.SoulStarMedicine.com (music: Deep Theta 5 Hz by Stephen Halpern)

The Four Corners of your Breath is a meditation that will be the foundation for many of our other meditations, so it’s a good idea to become really familiar with it.  Similar to the way you anchor into the four corners of your foot when preparing for a balancing pose in yoga, before we travel through time & space, it’s a good idea to anchor into the four corners of your breath.  Also remember that as the meditations get more intense (or in any intense experience) it’s important to reconnect back to these four corners to ground and stabilize your energy field as you encounter higher & higher vibratory states.  

Expanding and Contracting Your Awareness Through Listening

by Rachael Webb | www.SoulStarMedicine.com (music: Deep Theta 5 Hz by Stephen Halpern)

The practice Energy Expansion through Listening is an ancient meditation tradition.  I first experienced it in a Yoga Nidra class, and have continued to play with it in my everyday life (especially during my dog-walk-meditaitons).  This meditation is actually best practiced when you are in a place where there are different layers of sounds around you – walking through the city is perfect.  Even if some of the sounds are what you would call “bad” sounds (cars honking, garbage trucks, crazy person yelling), the invitation is to simply see them as layers of your experience, and refraining from judging them – a good metaphor for other things in our lives as well.  😉

Energetic Hygiene:  Containment Practice

In the Energetic Hygiene practice of containment (or “wearing your energetic rubber gloves”), we learn to come into greater integrity and awareness around what we are doing with our energy fields.  The practice of Containment does not negate the need for cord cutting (as I understand things now).  It just lessens the intensity of the entanglements.  You’ll find the full explanation and instructions in the recordings below.

Containment Instructions and Explanation

by Rachael Webb | www.SoulStarMedicine.com

When starting your Containment Practice for the first time, start here (after listening to the instructions above).  Although this meditation is somewhat complex, it is less complex than the Level 2 meditation.  I want you to make sure you are grounded through the use of the Shiva Rings of Fire before moving on to the next phase.

Meditating using geometric shapes to organize your energy is a mental muscle that must be build up over time.  If you move on too quickly, your “meditation muscle” won’t be strong enough, and you’ll be less likely to stick to the practice.  Don’t worry, when you follow the steps it will come easily and naturally over time.


Practice the Containment: Shiva Rings of Fire Meditation FIRST!   Usually in meditations we are focusing on emptying our minds, or meeting with angels or spirit guides – moving geometric lines of light around us is not as common and can be frustrating if you haven’t allowed yourself to work up to it – and I’m sure we’d both rather you not get frustrated! Just trust me on this one.  😉


Containment Level 1: Shiva Rings of Fire Meditation

by Rachael Webb | www.SoulStarMedicine.com (music: Insight - A Theta Meditation by J.S. Epperson)


Containment Level 2: Merkaba Meditation

by Rachael Webb | www.SoulStarMedicine.com

I highly recommend you practice these meditations as often as you can.  Becoming aware of your energy body is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself – but it’s a muscle we have not been taught to use!  Doing these meditations will strengthen your awareness and ability to control your energy field, but it’s like going to the gym – doing it one time does not give you the same results as repeated practice.  Practice, practice, practice!  Then tweak it, and find your own way, but if you stop your practice you’ll stop seeing results.  #realtalk
And while we’re on the topic of meditation, our friends at Spirit Science have an awesome (and expansive!) video to help us understand the process more.

NOTE:  The information here may be updated and changed at any time without notice, so be sure to check back often to stay updated.

I’d love to hear feedback from your experiences with this information.  A lot of it will come up as we work together, further enriching our conversations.  And most of all… have fun exploring!